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**Limited Quantity**

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO WARRANTY or RETURNS on this DIY (Do It Yourself) component due to a greater potential for user error that may "brick" the device.  All components are tested prior to shipping to ensure they are not DOA (Dead On Arrival). 

For help with your esk8 DIY build, please visit the original esk8 builders forum, founded by the creator of the FOCBOX Unity ESC.  

A powerful, VESC® based electronic speed controller for electric skateboards.


  • Power switch
  • PPM/UART connections
  • Male phase connectors (4mm)
  • USB-C data cable



  • Built-in High Power Switch
  • Smart power down
  • Roll to start
  • Impact Resistant Silicone & Alloy Case
  • Dual aluminium heatsink
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Sensored & Sensorless Motor Control
  • USB C interface


Performance Specs

  • 160A Continuous System Current
  • 80A Continuous Motor Current
  • 300A Max Current
  • Voltage rating of components 8V-60V
  • Compatible battery 3S to 12S
  • FOC Control for quiet operation
  • Fully HFI Compatible


Software Features

  • Advanced configuration suite
  • VESC® Tool Compatible
  • Adjustable Motor & Battery Current Limits
  • Low & High Voltage limits
  • Regenerative Battery Current Control


Advanced Features

  • Battery Protection System Built-in
  • Over Voltage protection
  • Current and voltage monitoring on all phases
  • Field Oriented Control
  • Rapid duty cycle changes
  • High RPM & RPM Limits (bi-directional)
  • Soft backoff for over current & over temp
  • amp-hour and watt-hour counting


Firmware & GUI


Peripherals & Dimensions

  • Main PCB: 113mm x 63mm
  • Outer Case Footprint: 117mm x 64mm
  • Outer Case Height: 19mm
  • Motor Wires: 12AWG, 90mm Length
  • Motor Connectors: 4mm Bullet
  • Power Wire: 12AWG 90mm
  • Power Connector: XT60
  • Mounting Hole pattern: 15mm X 30mm


Control Interface

  • PPM, Analog, UART, USB C,
  • CAN-bus, I2C 


Hardware made in China (PRC), software designed by a Swede