23/24 Superbeast® SL

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A modern legend...

The SUPERBEAST® SL 'Split Lane' is a slick slant nose profile with aggressive drop in 9-ply Canadian maple and comes standard in stiff flex.

You want your carve and race it, too?

Made to take you to the next level, the SL goes from "carvy" boardwalk cruiser to race-ready savage in a few seconds flat.

23/24 SL Features:

  • No Belts! - 100% gear-driven for ruthless efficiency and peak performance
  • SUPER NEW deck traction by STOMPDEX®
  • RAW aluminum colorway
  • 12S/4P - Molicel 21700 P42A
  • Freedom DRV - Gear Drive System
  • Riptide Bushings
  • 105mm urethane street wheels (Loaded) 


Assembled in California with foreign & domestic components.

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