2024 Superbeast® SL/R

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The SUPERBEAST® SL 'Split Lane' is a slick slant nose profile with aggressive drop in 9-ply Canadian maple and comes standard in stiff flex for ultimate stability.

You want your carve and race it, too?

Made to take you to the next level, the SL goes from "carvy" boardwalk cruiser to race-ready savage in a few seconds flat.

2024 SL/R Features:

  • No Belts! - 100% gear-driven for ruthless efficiency and peak performance
  • Freedom DRV - Patented Gear Drive System
  • Super Innovative deck traction by STOMPDEX
  • Deck Dimensions: 42" X 9.5" Dropdown Longboard Style
  • Enclosure: Hand-Laid Fiberglass
  • Colorways:
    Limited: Black, Red, Blue
  • Battery Cell/Type: Molicel 21700 P42A on a Flex PCB
  • Battery Configuration (SL) : 12S/4P
    16.8Ah | 725.7Wh
    Range: 25-40 miles (real world tested)
  • Battery Configuration  (SL-R) 12S/8P
    Capacity 33.6Ah | 1451.4Wh
    Range: 50-65 miles (real world tested)
  • Top Speed: 40+ mph
  • Weight: 29.6 lbs
  • Speed Controller: MakerX DV6s
  • Remote: Flipsky VX4
  • Telemetry: Davega X + Glass Screen protector with Anti-Reflective (AR) & Anti-Fingerprint (AF) coating included!
  • Bushings: Riptide Krank  - Barrel/Tall FatCone Combo
    Front: 87a - White(soft) for that carve!
    Rear:  93a - Red Wine (hard) - stability at higher speeds
  • SL: 105mm urethane street wheels (made in SoCal by Loaded) - can be upgraded to pneumatics and switched on the fly
  • SL-R: 150mm 5 Star CNC Wheels machined in SoCal with AT Pneumatic Tires



is an ESK8 that still looks like a purist skateboard. It's a true long-boarder with dual drop downs to give your feet some good purchase and lock you in so can be one with your board - effectively putting you into beastmode.

The 9-ply maple deck flexes just enough to keep your feet comfy on those 25+ mile rides but comes with a side piece of rigidity so you don’t turn into a trampoline circus clown above 30mph.

Adding an extra layer of comfort - the easy to clean Stompdex traction pad is the future of griptape technology and will make sure you don’t get caught slippin’!

Advanced Telemetry by Davega mounted at the perfect angle on our slant nose front gives you the data you need at-a-glance so you can stay focused on the road, instead of squinting at your remote.

A powerful speed controller gives you a huge amount of buffer so you’re never blowin’ your load.

Weighing in at just under thirty lbs - what you get is a form factor that you can easily kick around and get in and out of a car without a ton of effort. A board that helps you improve and grow into. As your skill increases, the board still remains relevant. So, if you are at the start of your esk8 journey, avoid buying a “beginner” board then having to buy and relearn another one six months from now. And if you are a seasoned rider, you're gonna love the versatility and power behind this precision piece of machinery.

Learn, level up, and lead with Superbeast!


Assembled in California with foreign & domestic components.

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